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It is a country placed in the western side of South America, which territory is adjacent to the Pacific Ocean for the west and borders for the northwest on Ecuador, for the North-East on Colombia, for the East on Brazil, for the southeast on Bolivia and for the south on Chile. It possesses a complex geography dominated principally by the elevations of the Mountain range of the Andes and the currents of the Pacific Ocean, which forms climates and sceneries so extensively changed like the desert coast, the puna of the high Andes or the tropical forest of the Amazon basin, ambiences all who form to the country like a territory of big variety of natural resources. The territory of Peru encuenta determined by the badges South American and of Nazca, who share a convergent subduction limit, that is to say, the Badge of Nazca subducciona on the South American parallel to the South American western coast, to a speed mediated of 11cm/año. Product of this subduction formed towards the Jurassic one the Pit of Peru - Chile as well as the elevation today known as Mountain range of the Andes. The erosion of the same one has formed to the east a vast flatness where before the appearance of the Andes a sea portion was; this sedimentary region is the Amazon flatness. The same process erosivo is the cause of the rasped of the Andes. Viajes Perú Voyage Perou